Working girl: a shrine to the demon Mara.

Welcome to Working Girl, a shrine to the demon Mara from Kosuke Fujishima's fantastic manga series Oh My Goddess! (or Ah! My Goddess). Mara is an important, complicated, complex, but often under-appreciated character in the manga.

Mara is an interesting character whose personality evolves dramatically over the course of the series... And, like all great villians, she just plain kicks ass. I created this website because I wanted to make a small tribute to one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite manga series. I hope that you enjoy what this site has to offer! To access the content of this site, please choose from among the links below.

Important DISCLAIMER: Mara and Oh My Goddess! are created and copyrighted by Kosuke Fujishima. In addition, Oh My Goddess! in general, and all of its incarnations including anime and video games, are owned and licensed by a plethora of companies, including Kodansha Afternoon, Dark Horse, Studio Proteus, AIC Animation, AnimeEigo, Pioneer Animation, WOW Entertainment, Sega Corporation, Pony Canyon, and probably even more. This is a non-profit fansite, which reproduces copyrighted materials and images solely for the sake of fun. Comprende? Good. Thanks, and please enjoy the site.

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